Reading Promotion

Reading to Learn

Extensive reading can broaden horizons and enrich life experiences. Our school library and the reading team always strive to promote students’ reading culture by organizing different types of reading activities and competitions, aiming to arouse their interest in reading.

A variety of books are introduced during the book sharing session in the morning assembly every Monday, in order to enhance students’ interest in exploring themselves, as well as the world around them. Furthermore, book fairs and exhibitions promoting reading across the curriculum are regularly held. Periodic e-newsletters are published to keep students updated with the latest information and to develop reading habit.

To align with the digital trend of reading, our school library has been modernized with a variety of latest e-readers and facilities of the 21st century. For example, we have added a self-check machine, a book sterilizer, the Hyread e-book platform and the Britannica LaunchPack.

Besides, to foster a student-led reading culture at our school, there are library prefects who are responsible for the procedures of borrowing, returning, shelving and registration of library books. It is hoped that a comfortable reading environment and high-quality library services will be provided with the help of our library prefects.

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