Student Advancement Support Team

We are dedicated to optimizing learning environment to support active learning and whole-person development, we

  • provide diverse opportunities for students to develop talents and leadership
  • strengthen the role of student leaders in school services and set high expectation to student leaders’ performance
  • nurture positive mind and attitude and encourage students’ positive behavior with a sense of appreciation, thanksgiving, proactivity and responsibility among students
  • boost students’ sense of belonging through student support and leadership programs
  • implement the Service and Leadership Programs from middle school to senior school, in the aspect of service and leadership development
  • give advance support to students through scholarship nominations
  • strengthen the cooperation of different departments in terms of student affairs

Service and Leadership Programmes

  • Student Union

Student Union

  • Chambers


Leadership skills and values as well as team spirit are nurtured through participation in various leadership programmes including


SU & Chamber Election and Inauguration 2019-2020
Service & Leadership Program Activities and Inauguration 2019-2020
Elite Camp 2019-2020
SU & Chamber Election and Inauguration 2021-2022


Service and Leadership Teams


1. Prefects
2. Cultural Ambassadors
3. Digital Sergeant
4. Eco Pioneer
5. Peer Mentors
6. MCD Leaders
7. Christian Disciples
8. Campus Photographers
9. Library Prefects
10. Excel 33