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Welcome to A-School Alumni

Dear Alumni,

Every year, new faces appear on the school campus, while some familiar ones step out from this shelter to pursue their dreams.

Leaving A-School and embarking on a new journey in your lives do not mean that our connection is cut off. It is always exciting and insightful to see how the education and life experience gained by our students has assisted them in their endeavors since they left A-School.

The A-School Alumni Association provides us with a suitable channel to become reacquainted with the A-School community. Your contribution and presence will forever strengthen the A-School’s history and its future development.

In the Association, those who graduated from G12 are taken as our “Alumni” members while the others who left in earlier grades can participate as “Associate Alumni” members. If you are interested in joining us, please note the following arrangement:

1. Students who withdrew in G1-G6 – Please complete the form in the following link.

2. Students who withdrew in G7-G12 or graduated from G12- Information was collected when you left the school. Please update your personal record in the following link ONLY when there is any change.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 2637 2277(Primary Section) or 2637 2270 (Secondary Section) during office hours. Thank you and welcome to this unique community!

A-School Alumni Team
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