Message from Chief Principal

Message from Chief Principal
Dr. Benjamin Chan Wai Kai, MH
Chief Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to A-School website.

As the Chief Principal, I am deeply impressed by the dedication of all staff to providing an excellent all-round education for our students since A-School was established in 2006. The journey of A-School started as the first university affiliated and a through-train Direct Subsidy Scheme school. We receive the learning and teaching support from our sponsoring body the Hong Kong Baptist University on the one hand, and the autonomy empowered by the government to deploy resources in a more flexible way on the other, hence allowing us to design the curriculum and put the resources to cater for the need and development of the future generation.

It is our honour to have a group of passionate teachers who share the same vision working together for unleashing the potential of the youngsters. Our teachers are committed to providing high quality learning experience focusing on individual needs of each child. We are striving to be creative and innovative in assisting students to achieve whole-person development through the well-planned curriculum targeting at nurturing 21st Century skills.

The school is centred on what is best for students, both in and out of the classroom, in a way that produces a vigorous learning experience complemented by a multi-facet curriculum. We offer a broad range of opportunities for all our students to realize personal excellence in school life. The junior school from Grade 1 to Grade 4 emphasizes happy learning in order to inspire children’s curiosity and quest for knowledge, while the middle school from G5 to G8 whose characteristics include interdisciplinary STEAM education and third language course aims at fostering academic development and character building to lay a solid platform for senior study. Paving way for further study for G9 to G12 students is the focus of high school where students can pursue either the local or international curriculum to suit their interests as well as career and life planning. To date, over 1,000 alumni from A-School are the graduates or students in local or international top-notched institutions, many of them are within top 100 QS World University Rankings. A-School community has branched out wider and farther.

While the world is increasingly interconnected, we are committed to developing A-School students with local identity and global perspectives. A wide range of learning programmes such as overseas excursions, as well as inward and outward exchange activities with sister and partner schools around the world are organized every year to allow our students to broaden horizon, enrich life experience, strengthen their language proficiency and enhance appreciation of different cultures.

Given the volatilities of what the future may hold, we have already prepared for and are ready to embrace new challenges to be brought along with. Great efforts have been paid to incorporate technology in daily teaching and learning with a view to creating new paradigms of learning and innovate new models of teaching to make learning effective and stimulate our students. Fostering information literacy has been carried out on an inter-curriculum setting for students to learn and apply the knowledge from elementary computer use to programming and advanced problem solving. The collective efforts of teachers and students earned the title “Google Reference School” in recognition of our exemplary use of different Google tools to drive positive learning outcomes.

With a brief history of over 17 years, the accomplishments we made were the fruits of hard work, love and support from students, parents and teachers over the decade and a half. Heading into the future, we will continue to ride on the waves of excellence that characterizes A-School culture, mission and value and spread further the spirit of “Strive for Excellence” in the community in the years to come.