Business, Accounting & Financial Studies


The overall aims of the BAFS curriculum are:

  • To provide students at senior secondary level with fundamental business knowledge and skills, and develop their positive values and attitudes so that they can fulfil their roles competently and confidently as consumers, investors, employee and / or entrepreneurs.
  • To develop students’ generic skills in research, analysis, leadership, team-building, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving and transfer them to different domains.
  • To explore different aspects of business to prepare students for life, for further studies and for employment.

Curriculum Framework

Grade 9 Curriculum

Part of the G10 Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Curriculum is embedded in the subject of Business Fundamentals. This provides students with an opportunity to grasp a basic understanding of the subject before their subject selection.

The following topics will be introduced:

Term 1
  • Hong Kong Business Environment
  • Management Functions
  • Wise Consumerism
Term 2
  • Key Business Functions
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship

Senior Grade Curriculum

Apart from the NSS curriculum (HKDSE), our school also provides alternative pathways for students to choose from if they want to advance their studies overseas. Students can take the IGCSE Business Studies (0450) and IGCSE Accounting (0452) top-up programme in G10, and choose to study GCE A-Level Business Studies (9609) and GCE A-Level Accounting (9706) in G11 – 12.

In G10, all students will study the integrated curriculum of Business, Accounting and Financial Studies. Common elements of the HKDSE and the IGCSE curriculums will be covered in G10.

Senior Grade Curriculum

A brief introduction to both the local and international curriculums is as follows:

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)

Curriculum Framework

  • Business Environment
  • Introduction to Management
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Basics of Personal Financial Management

Accounting Module

  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
Business Management Module
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Accounting (0452)

Curriculum Framework

  • The purpose of accounting
  • Sources and recording of data
  • Verification of accounting records
  • Accounting procedures
  • Principles of financial statements
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Accounting principles and policies

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Business Studies (0450)

Curriculum Framework

  • Understanding business activity
  • People in business
  • Marketing
  • Operations management
  • Financial information and decisions
  • External influences on business activity

Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level in Accounting

Curriculum Framework

  • The Accounting System and Costing
  • The Corporate and Management Accounting

Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level in Business

Curriculum Framework

  • Marketing and people
  • Managing business activities
  • Business decisions and strategy
  • Global business
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Visit to 759 store
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G11 students attended the PACC forum in CUHK
G11 students attended the PACC forum in CUHK