Student Guidance & Support

Students’ needs are our top priorities. In order to provide sufficient guidance and care for all students, 2 class teachers are assigned to each class. In addition, a team of professionals are available to provide support for students, including the school educational psychologist, social workers, registered nurse, etc. They provide students with preventive, developmental and remedial programmes to cater for students’ individual needs. We foster a caring school culture and cultivate students with positive values and good life skills and habits.

Guidance Programmes

  • A+ Passport Scheme for G1 - G4
  • A Diary Scheme for G5 - G6
  • G6 - G2 and G5 - G1 Big Brother and Big Sister Mentorship Programme
  • Big Brother and Big Sister Peer Reading Programme
  • Elderly home visits for G5 - G6
  • Class culture building activities
  • Student support groups
  • Love Week