Curriculum Highlights


A-School emphasizes the cultivation of the 3-Literacy, which refers to English Language, Chinese Language and Information Technology. Students are expected to master these three important tools of communication across all subjects as well as in their daily life.

Language-Rich Environment

A-School aims to ensure all students are able to express themselves in English and Putonghua fluently and confidently. English is the medium of instruction of most subjects, while Putonghua is the main medium of instruction of Chinese Language. Students are encouraged to speak English and Putonghua around the campus. Fun-filled activities are regularly organised to provide more opportunities of applying these languages in daily school life. To gain professional recognition of language proficiency, students are encouraged to take part in international assessments like TOEFL, IELTS, IGCSE and GAPSK.


Our campus is well equipped with Wifi and mobile devices, which facilitate our promotion of e-learning. Our students are used to using IT and online resources. Various online learning platforms are available to extend learning beyond the classroom.

Curriculum highlight