Reading Programes

Why Reading is Important

Through reading the content of a book, children can expand their life experiences and understand the world outside. Through the feelings of the characters in the book, they can understand the thoughts of others, discover the differences between others and themselves, develop empathy, and promote healthy interpersonal communication. With the guidance of words and pictures, children are motivated to think critically. Voracious reading can also enhance the language ability, which is the basis for other subjects.

Goals and Objectives

  • Improving learning and personal growth by developing a reading habit
  • To increase students’ global awareness and participation along with a good sense of national pride
  • To optimize the language and reading environments conducive to mastery of different languages and extensive reading

Enhancing teachers’ professional competence and cohesion

(a) Purchasing of teaching reference books

Teaching reference books are conducive to teachers' self-enhancement, thereby improving classroom quality.

(b) Increasing teacher participation

Consult the subject teachers to order books and magazines to make reading and the subject complement each other; invite teachers to participate in reading activities and enjoy the pleasure of reading with students; provide a platform for teachers to share reading experience and interact with students.

Reading Programmes

(a)Read with Me

Teachers share their favorite books and stories with students in Reading Centre. We talk about the books together, we share our ideas together, and we enjoy reading together.

(b)Battle of Books

A list of Chinese and English books will be selected for students in every year. After reading the books, a competition will be held. In the competition, all the questions are related to the books. The class with got the highest marks will be the champion of the battle of the year of that grade.

(c)Reading Day (Book Character Day)

This is one of the signature events in A-School. Everyone, including students and teachers, will dress up as a character in the book on Reading day. A series of reading activities will be held on that day: reading games, creative writing event, catwalk show, prize presentation… We share our favorite books with others.

(d)Creative Writing Competition

Children have wonderful ideas in their mind. A-school always provides a stage for our students to show their talents. Creative writing competitions encourage students to be creative and ingenious. All creative writing of students will be recognized and appreciated.

(e)Magazine Marathon

We not only pay attention to cultivating students' interest in reading, but also pay attention to the types and content. Magazines designed for children can expand students' horizons and enable students to learn a lot of knowledge beyond textbooks. We have selected a variety of suitable children's magazines for students so as to cultivate students' more comprehensive reading habits, and also to enable students to gain better understanding of the world.

(f)Library Newsletter

Library Newsletters not only provides the most updated information for parents and students, but also provide students with the best nutrients for reading. In the Newsletter, there are book and movie recommendations from teachers, students and parents. At the same time, through competitions, students can be encouraged to read more and think more.

Facilities and platforms

(a) Facilities

1. Book disinfection machine

Book Disinfection Machine

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the library has purchased a book sterilizer to sterilize each borrowed book to protect the health of students.

2. Multi-touch electronic reader

Electronic Reader
Electronic Reader

The library has added a multi-touch electronic reader to teach students how to read online, encourage students to read different types of e-books, and cultivate reading interest.

3. Comfortable reading environment

The newly renovated library has a comfortable and quiet environment. Students can freely enjoy reading on the carpet, cushion and sofa.

(b) Platform

E-books Platform Login information

1. HKBUAS Library CEO
It is the library website of HKBUAS. Student can login their account for browsing books, checking loan record, current fine and the top list.


2. Hyread
Hyread provides both online and offline interesting book and magazine resources. Student can borrow books anytime and anywhere. Making it easier for students to read books at any time, the Hyread platform can also support browsing on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Making it easy for students to read books at any time.


3. eRead Scheme,/br> eRead Scheme provides a wide range of quality eBooks for schools in line with the development of eLearning. On the platform, student can join the e-book reading programme, eRead Contract for building up their reading habit and encouraging them to read more.


4. Bookflix (G1-3 only)
Bookflix provides thematically paired fiction and nonfiction. Titles are designed to bridge learning-to-read and reading-to-learn. Animated classic storybooks introduce early learners to the delights of reading while sparking curiosity, creating a natural springboard into the paired nonfiction text for deeper discovery.


5. Tumble Book
Tumble Book platform has over 1100 titles. It includes animated talking picture books, chapter books, videos, non-fiction titles, graphic novels, playlists, and books in French and Spanish.