Student Management and Support

We are dedicated to fostering students’ respect and responsibility towards their studies and interpersonal aspects so as to establish their social and emotional well-being.

Students are expected to:

  • Act safely and consider the safety of others;
  • Be responsible and honest for their words and actions;
  • Show self-respect and appreciation to others and the environment;
  • Be civic and respect the law in the society;
  • Be physically, mentally and socially healthy;
  • Treasure the time and resources in school;
  • Keep the appearance simple and natural.

1.1 Student Appearance and Dress Code

Student Appearance and Dress Code

Students should keep neat and tidy and wear their school uniforms to attend all school functions. For special requests, written applications should be submitted for prior approval of the School Principal. For details, please refer to the respective section in the Student Planner.

1.2 Awards and Consequence System

  • Merit, awards and scholarship will be given to students with favourable behaviour in school in order to encourage students to develop their own potentials and behave well in school.
  • When inappropriate behaviour (both inside and outside school) is observed and no improvement is found after warning, infractions, minor demerits and major demerits will be given to students in order to let them understand the consequences of undesirable behaviour and build up positive values.

For details of the awards and consequence system, please refer to the first parent notice every academic year.

1.3 Support from Professional Team

With the professional support of our registered nurse, educational psychologist and social worker, we ensure that the physical, emotional and social needs of students are well taken care of.