Global Exchange & Learning

In an era of globalisation, acquiring cross-cultural experience and enhancing international outlook are definitely an added advantage to students. The establishment of Centre for Global Exchange and Learning (CGEL) aims at fulfils the following objectives,

  • Building “Local Identity, Global Perspective” for whole person development
  • Scaffolding and structuring learning
  • Learning outside classroom
  • Equipping indispensable qualities for future generation

Exchange Programmes

Each year, a wide variety of overseas exchange programmes are organised in which numerous students are sent to overseas buddy schools for 2 weeks up to a school term. What a precious chance for students to experience the life and culture of another country!

In return, we receive 50 to 60 students from overseas buddy schools within the WEA network and other sister schools every year, and offer homestay accommodation at our students’ homes. Being the host family, our students can gain friendship and develop a caring mind, and understand the life and culture of their buddies in greater depth.

Exchange programme is an integral part of learning and teaching at A-School. It not only contributes to students’ personal growth and international perspective, but also facilitates their planning of study paths.

Exchange Experience for Everyone (3Es)

We promote the 3Es vision – “Exchange Experience for Everyone” which ultimate aim is to bring at least one valuable learning experience of exchange to every student in 12-year school life in A-School. By joining the exchange programme, serving as host families or being buddies of exchange students at school, homestay and cultural experiences will be provided as students can explore the cultures and knowledge of different countries.

Students may join the inward/outward exchange programme from 2 weeks to half year. There are four directions when we design the exchange programmes, which are

  • To promote global understanding and citizenship 
  • To foster deep appreciation for the cultures of the world 
  • To form friendship with exchange students 
  • To enhance communication and language proficiency 


A-School Excursion Week

We nurture to “whole person development” for A-School students. We aim to create purposeful and educational excursions and empower them to be spiritually mature, wise and informed, artistic, physically strong, creative and civic-minded, whilst broadening their horizons and global vision with an emphasis on developing their world knowledge. Categories include:

  1. Personal Challenge/Discovery
  2. Service/Citizenry
  3. Cultural/Nationalism
  4. Academic Development/Excellence

We have organised the following excursions in recent years:

Venue Objectives
Nanjing, China Discovering Chinese Culture and Legacy
Beijing, China Discovering Chinese Culture and Legacy
Silk Road, China “The Belt and Road” : Learning Chinese Economic & Social Development from Silk Road
Seoul, Korea Understanding the Rise of the 21st Century City
Oxbridge, UK In-depth Learning in English and Science
Osaka, Japan Investigating Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection and Culture in Japan
Chiang Rai, Thailand Community Service, Home Visit and Christian Activities for the Orphans in Thailand
Netherlands Arts and Architecture Exposure
Taiwan Cycling Tour for Personal Challenge
Iceland Explore the Geography and Nature of Iceland