Welcome Spring at our Roof Garden

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As the weather warms up, flowers bloom in the soft breeze of Spring. It’s time to get back to nature and share the joy of gardening.

Thanks to the school’s support and the collaboration of our Science Department and laboratory technicians, our roof garden on 7/F of the secondary division is now ready for exploration.

When approaching the roof garden, you will see an outdoor fenced garden with growing Brassica oleracea, tomatoes and sweet peppers taken care by the Eco Pioneer students. On the other side, there is a shaded fish tank with a pictorial diagram showing the aquaponics system. To take a few steps forward, you will find a simple yet well-equipped greenhouse, including hydroponics, food waste composter, solar power system, ventilation system, automatic watering system, and a temperature pole indicating temperature at different heights. All experimental activities can be applied to Science subjects, encouraging students to have fun learning beyond the books, and have a full understanding of how the ecosystem actually goes.

Being a Green School, we have been devoted to promoting an eco-friendly campus and a green lifestyle by reducing wastes, recycling, and organic farming, etc. The combined efforts of our students and staff earned the Hong Kong Green School Award presented by the Environmental Campaign Committee. Please come and visit us on the 7/F after resumption of face-to-face classes. Let’s continue to join hands to make the earth greener and a better place to live!