Sharing the Joy of Easter

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March is a month full of love, appreciation and hope!

Themed “Cheer up! Among Us”, the Thanksgiving Week has taken the lead in a series of programmes before Easter. Through thanksgiving cards, G12 student support scheme, gift booths, religious sharing and video making competition, positive messages and actions have been spread around the campus to show love, care and appreciation for others.

Following the Thanksgiving Week, the Gospel Week has put us into deeper thoughts and reflection. 14 Stations of the Cross were scattered over the campus with verses and prayers, helping us remember the sacrificed and risen Christ.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Celebrating Jesus' resurrection, an Easter celebration assembly was held last Friday. We had gospel music and religious sharing by a Christian band “U-Fire Network” and our Christian teachers. And big thanks to our parent volunteers for the eye-catching and festive decorations! It has become a popular photo spot for students and staff.

Now let’s get some positive vibes from Chamber Aristotle - the most popular award winner of the video making competition (category: Chamber) in the Thanksgiving Week. Enjoy the video and have a happy Easter holiday!