GCEAL Seminar

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Since 2016, our school has been offering both local and non-local curriculum streams for our students in Grade 11 and 12. Apart from the HKDSE programme, students may opt for a two-year GCE A-level programme. To let students and parents know more about the GCE A-level programme and application procedures, an admission seminar was held online on 24 April 2021.

Our Chief Principal Dr. Benjamin Chan, Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary Division Mr. Eric Lo, Senior Vice Principal (Academic Affairs) and Head of International Curriculum Ms. Claudia Liu, Head of Further Studies and Life Planning Mr. Ricky Chu, and our Senior Consultant (Further Studies) Dr. Robert Lam respectively introduced the details of the programme, from curriculum and assessment framework, further study paths, application method, to admission coaching support.   

Useful advice and individualised guidance from our specialists and consultants will be offered to our students during their senior grade study with a view to providing them with more choices in university application and letting them have better planning for higher education.