Your Wish without a Mask

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A pop-up art exhibition was held at the Secondary Division last week, which showcased the artwork from our 2018 alumnus, Jeff Choy. Jeff is currently an undergraduate at the University of Reading in the UK, preparing for his final year project.

Because of the pandemic, masks have become an inseparable part of our daily life. Our interaction pattern and social distance with others have changed; our unique faces and facial expressions are also hidden behind the masks.

Inspired by the masked life, Jeff hand-sewed a gigantic surgical mask sculpture with canvas, wood, bamboo, wires and threads, and invited his younger schoolmates to express their wishes when they no longer need to wear masks someday by drawing on the “mask”. The whole activity was recorded, edited and documented as the final piece of Jeff’s project. The art piece will be presented again during the Arts Festival next month. Do give it a visit and show your support to Jeff’s work!