A word of encouragement for DSE candidates

News date

DSE results will be released on Wednesday. Our Chief Principal Dr. Chan has joined Dr. Choi Yuk-lin, JP, Secretary for Education, in taking up the cause of supporting DSE exam takers with a word of encouragement to send his blessings.

The word Dr. Chan chose to share is “Think”, as Confucius said, “To learn without thinking leads to confusion, to think without learning leads to danger.” We learn but not think is the same as learning without obtaining any actual knowledge, nor be able to use it rationally and effectively, resulting in bewilderment; while we think but not put our fingers on it, nothing will be gained. That is why Confucius preached us, the practical and useful knowledge is only attained when we integrate learning and thinking.

“On the journey of learning, one must have critical thinking and integrate learning and thinking. DSE is a big challenge for a fact, but in the lifelong pursuit of dreams, with thorough preparation, solid foundation of knowledge and individual thinking skills, we can develop self-confidence, reduce stress and tackle adversities with ease in an uncertain future ahead.”