Whole-day Face-to-face Classes Resumption (Secondary Division)

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It was the first day for our G9-10 students to resume their whole-day face-to-face classes! Up to now, four grades, including G9-12, have already reached the target of having 70% or more of students receive at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. As a result, they will be resuming the whole-day face-to-face classes gradually!

With the joint efforts of all the staff in A-School, a lot of preparations have been done to provide students with a safe and clean environment. During lunch time, students can either bring their own lunchboxes or order individually packed lunchboxes from the school canteen. More tables and chairs with partitions are available in the open areas and function rooms; cleaning and disinfection are also being carried out more frequently.

What’s more, students can now continue their regular classes and other learning activities in the afternoon. We hope to see all grades of students resume normal school life soon and enjoy their learning as much as they can!