Unlocking the Joy of Reading

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Our students blew us away with their enthusiasm during the three reading activities we hosted at A-School! The Video Production Competition was a huge success, with nearly 100 students creating mesmerising videos to introduce their favourite books. From The Tale of Peter Rabbit to Smart Thinking, these students showcased their creative prowess, while also displaying great language skills.

Our Search, Find and Chase: The Crossword Puzzle Game was equally thrilling, with over 70 students taking part and most of them achieving a score of over 90%! By using reference materials like Gale eBooks, they learned more about popular English fiction and its characters, igniting their curiosity for reading English fiction even more.

Last but not least, our Rice/Sushi? Comparison between Chinese and Japanese culture event was a mouthwatering delight! Our students joined a matching game that tested their knowledge of Chinese and Japanese food culture. By using Hyread eBooks and cookbooks as references, they were able to explore the rich cultures surrounding these delicious cuisines. We are thrilled to see our students taking an active interest in reading, and we encourage them to continue to support our reading activities. Keep up the great work, and let's continue to journey into the exciting world of books together!