Meet Vivek Mahbubani

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As an extended learning activity for our student leaders, our school had invited Mr. Vivek Mahbubani (also known as Ah V) through the ‘Jockey Club ‘Multicultural Leaders of the World’ programme, to have an up-close and personal sharing as a minority living in Hong Kong.

Vivek is a Sindhi of Indian descent and was born and raised in Hong Kong. He is a bilingual stand-up comedian who has won various top comedian awards in local and world competitions. In 2018, he was also one of the recipients of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection in Hong Kong, committed to inspiring youngsters through his own experiences, to recognize self-value and realize their full potential.

We hope that our future leaders will not only learn to live with people harmoniously in a multi-cultural society, but also get over obstacles with a sense of humour and positive attitude.