Green Updates on Earth Day

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Every year on 22 April, Earth Day reminds us to appreciate and protect our planet and its resources. Environmental protection is a key pillar of our social responsibilities, and our school has been dedicated to promoting environmental education by different means, especially in our roof garden.

After months of nurturing and caring, flowers are in their full splendour, filling the garden with beautiful colours and scents. The solar-generated stone fountain is a recently added ornament. Its soothing sound of flowing water has brought a quiet elegance to the garden, and has a natural calming effect on our body and soul. Our laboratory team has put eco-innovative ideas into practice and made the best use of recyclable waste. The new paths were paved with leftover building materials from the school such as wall/floor tiles and wooden slats, giving the garden a refined touch.

Hydroponic system in the greenhouse has been well developed and was expanded to double its original size. The food waste composter is now back in use — recyclable waste such as peels collected from the laboratories will be reprocessed into fertilizer for gardening purposes in order to sustain the ecosystem.