Elite Athletes

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The Olympics and National Games of China have come to an end, but the spirit of great sportsmanship continues.  Many of us are taken by the display of courage, team spirit, and camaraderie among professional athletes. Here in A-School, we celebrate the growth of a strong squad of young and promising sports players, who strive for physical excellence to soar for various Hong Kong teams.


G11 Katie Hung - Girls Singles (HKSI)


G11 Shine Ng - Boys U18 HK Team

G9 CHENG Yu Hin - Boys U18 HK Team


G12 Marcus Poon, G12 Timothy Tai, G11 Haven Tai - Boys U19 HK Team


G9 Elize Wong - Girls Foil (HKSI)

G12 Fung Cheuk Hei - Boys Foil (HKSI)


G12 Patrick Ng - Boys U19 HK Team

G12 Natalie Sum - Girls U19 HK Team

G10 Lee Yi Yan - Girls U19 HK Team

G9 Chow Abby - Girls U16 HK Team


G11 Dasson Chan - Boys U16 Rank 1
G11 Christy Che - Girls U16 Rank 3


G10 He Jada Nicole - HKSI Full Time Athlete