APEX Graduation Show & Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work 2020/21

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Our APEX Graduation Show 2021 was successfully held on 1-5 July at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. We were delighted to see a lot of amazing artworks with different meaningful themes and creative ideas. Principals, teachers, parents and artists Mr. Wong Chun Hei Stephen and Miss Chu Check Wai Margaret were invited to the Opening Ceremony to share the accomplishments of our student artists.

As our Chief Principal, Dr. Benjamin Chan, said — “APEX is one of our important platforms to showcase students’ artistic ideas and exchange thoughts with one another.” We believe that ideas and emotions conveyed through artworks can ignite fires of hope and innovation. Inspired by the Tuna Prize from HKBU Academy of Visual Arts, we have honoured the best performing VA student, Pang Ho Long, by presenting him a Tunny Prize. Two students from the Primary Division who had outstanding performance in VA were also invited to exhibit their artworks.

In addition, two of our Grade 12 students, Hsu Ching Wai Harue (許晴惠) and Shum Hiu Lam (岑曉琳), were selected to participate in the Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work, organised by the EDB. Hsu Ching Wai’s work — “100¥ per day” was also awarded the sliver prize in the competition. Their works will be showcased at the Hong Kong City Hall in mid-July. You are welcome to visit the exhibition either onsite or online.

Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work 2020/21

Venue: Exhibition Hall, 1/F, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall, 5 Edinburgh Place, Central
Date & Time: 9-18 July 2021 (10:00 am-8:00 pm) & 19 July 2021 (10:00 am-6:00 pm)
Online Exhibition: https://www.edb.gov.hk/…/studen…/esvaw/online-exh/index.html