Visit to T∙PARK and O∙PARK1

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To enhance students' awareness of green living and environmental protection, our school organized a visit for our Eco Pioneers to T∙PARK, a cutting-edge waste treatment facility in Hong Kong. T∙PARK represents the city's commitment to "waste-to-energy" solutions and resource recovery. It not only offers a sustainable alternative for sludge disposal but also serves as an educational center with recreational facilities open to the public.

During the visit, our students were guided by knowledgeable tour guides who provided detailed explanations about the park. This enabled the students to develop a deeper understanding of various advanced technologies employed at T∙PARK, such as sludge incineration, power generation, seawater desalination, and sewage treatment. Witnessing these technologies in action allowed them to appreciate the transformative potential of these facilities, and they truly experienced the meaning behind the "T" in T∙PARK (Transformation). The visit left them with a renewed perspective on waste treatment facilities.

In addition to T∙PARK, our school also organizes trips for first-grade students to O∙PARK1. Located in Siu Ho Wan of North Lantau, O∙PARK1 is the first organic resources recovery center in the area. It utilizes anaerobic digestion technology to convert food waste into biogas, which can be used as a renewable energy source for electricity generation. The residues generated during the process are transformed into compost, which can be utilized for landscaping and agriculture purposes.

Through these visits, our students not only gain knowledge about waste treatment and resource recovery but also strengthen their sense of identity and responsibility regarding food waste recycling and waste reduction. They learn the importance of addressing the issue of food waste at its source, contributing to a more sustainable future.