Unforgettable Meet and Greet with Mr. Traini at A-School before World Book Day!

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In celebration of World Book Day, the author of Mister Water, Mr. Agostino Traini, along with his son, Mr. Eugene Traini, made a special journey from Italy to hold a unique meet and greet session for A-School students.

A-School is the first and only school in Asia to successfully invite Mr. Traini to its campus. In this extraordinary sharing session, Mr. Traini introduced himself through his artwork. He even created an on-the-spot illustrated story explaining the various forms of water transformations to the students. Sun Nga Publication and Mr. Water shared an exciting picture book story with the students. Through this activity, students learnt about the different forms of water and the importance of water conservation.

To encourage a love for reading, Mr. Traini prepared hand fans and personally signed postcards for every Grade 1-2 student in our school. These gifts will inspire the students to embrace reading and foster a love for learning.