STEAM Day of Primary Division

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Primary Division STEAM Day had a perfect culmination on 11 November 2020.

With the theme on Light & Shadow, the fun experience was more than a half-day school event.  It was an inter-disciplinary learning that took place two weeks earlier to instruct students subject knowledge in Integrated Science, STEAM, and Visual Arts under the theme.

Students applied what they had learnt to create tools and products together and celebrate their learning on the STEAM Day.  In junior school from G1 to G4, students experimented with light brightness to understand how shadows are formed to make their own light projectors and luminous cups, demonstrating the magic of light and shadow.  While in G5 and G6, students collaboratively gridded 36 micro:bits together to form a big animation.

We were so honoured to have Dr. Clifford Choy, Director of HK Maker Faire, and Dr. Ray Cheung, Curator of Hour of Code Hong Kong to share with us the important role of maker mindset and coding in our daily life.

STEAM Day Activities -

G1 - G4: Light Projector & Luminous Cup Making

G5 - G6: Pixel Animation Production

Reflection from students and parents -

G5 ZHOU Diane

STEAM Day was very instructive, interesting and enlightening. The theme “Light and Shadow” could actually be found in all areas of daily life. STEAM Day gave us a chance to further understand and explore in different perspectives which can ultimately combine and enrich our knowledge in STEAM subjects.

G5 CHEUK Torres

In the STEAM Day, I think I have learnt how technology has influenced our lives.  It is a part of our life in the future. Also, I find that STEAM is very diversified and that it can be combined with other subjects, such as Integrated Science and Visual Arts.

G3 LEE Hin Hang Jonathan

I like STEAM day very much because all the activities are very interesting and fun, and we can also use our creativity to decorate our products.

G1 Parent

Really appreciate the best learning resources provided to every A-School student! So fortunate to be a member of the A-School family.                                                                                                        

G6 Parent

Congratulations! We have a successful STEAM Day. My son James enjoyed so much. He told me a lot about today, he loved working together with his classmates. We appreciated that our school has arranged this special day for our kids! 

It was a good, creative and different learning way for kids. They had a good experience in on this special learning day.

Thank you so much for having an unforgettable STEAM Day!