School Commencement Special Days

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We had a wonderful start to the new school year with several special activities lined up for students in the first few days.

We started off with an energizing assembly. Our Chief Principal, Dr. Chan, addressed all the students and faculty to a new school year. It was inspiring to hear him reaffirm our school vision of whole person development of  individuals of strong character. The students seemed motivated to continue working towards their goals.The Teacher Commendation Awards were presented to our outstanding educators for their exemplary work, leadership, and contribution to the school.

Some of the junior grades began by visiting the school library where they learned about all the resources available and how to responsibly borrow and return books. They were excited to soon be able to borrow books to add to their home libraries! The other grades too will soon be visiting the library.

An important part of every child's education is developing life skills. During the Mentorship lessons, older students bonded with younger buddies and shared fun activities to help them adjust to the new academic level.The program ensures each child feels cared for as they learn from senior role models.

The visual arts activities had each class creatively decorating their classroom boards based on the PERCCI core value for their grade. This helped reinforce valuable lessons.

Student Development sessions covered positive traits like responsibility, empathy and teamwork while Academic sessions covered ways to study and what readiness to learn looks like in the classroom. Digital Citizenship talks guided students on safe online habits.House meetings helped foster a sense of community as children pledged support for house activities throughout the year.

Finally, we addressed serious issues like bullying and online safety for older grades to make the school a happy, nurturing place for all.

It was a great start to the new session. Wishing all our students a year of learning and growing into well-rounded individuals.