Language Week: English Activities

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We are thrilled to share a recap of the amazing English activities that took place during lunch recess this week as part of our Language Week celebrations! The theme for the week was "Fiesta of Festivals," where we explored and celebrated various cultural festivals from around the world. 

Throughout lunch recess, our students had a blast participating in the a variety of booths run by our wonderful English teaching team.

Students tested their knowledge about the history, rules, and background of the famous La Tomatina festival with a fun bean bag throw quiz game!

Colorful finger painting allowed our students to experience the vibrant joy of the Holi festival firsthand! Students showcased their singing skills and took part in an exciting quiz and karaoke session inspired by the renowned Glastonbury Festival! Our students challenged their memory while learning new vocabulary related to the Chuseok festival through an engaging memory game and a fun Chuseok Tuho Challenge! The Big TV guessing game at the Bonfire Night booth tested our students' knowledge of this traditional British event!

We are incredibly proud of our students' enthusiasm and active participation throughout the three days. Despite the damp weather, their excitement remained unwavering!

A big round of applause goes out to all the students who participated and made this Language Week a memorable experience.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the teachers, staff, and volunteers who made these activities possible and contributed to the success of Language Week.

We look forward to more Language Week activities next week! Stay tuned for more updates.