CoolThink Parent-child workshop 2021

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Thanks to the Hong Kong Jockey Club, CityU, Math and STEAM teachers for supporting this fantastic learning event. Over 100 A-School families joined a learning activity last Saturday afternoon, while 60 families stayed in the school hall, and 40 families went online. 

The CoolThink parent-child workshop focused on how we could apply Computational Thinking in our daily life. It involves Sequences, Events, Conditions, Parallelism, Repetition, Procedures, and Naming Variables. This year, the topic of the workshop was “Let’s Draw”. The workshop covered drawing while learning new concepts under the aim of CoolThink to inspire digital creativity, introduction to the Computational Thinking concepts, practices, perspectives, and coding skills. Parents, students, and teachers applied their Computational Thinking skills and learned how to use the coding app Scratch. In addition, a discussion on the Importance of Copyrights was conducted at the end.

We can feel the excitement of our G1-3 students learning 21st Century skills with their parents and teachers together. So, let's continue and keep the momentum of being life-long learners.

Through this amusing interactive workshop experience, we hope that you all will enjoy it, and we are looking forward to seeing new faces in the next coding workshop.