Celebrating the Remarkable Musical Journey of Michelle Kwong: A Talented Star Shining Bright

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Congratulations to our exceptional Grade 6 student, Michelle Kwong, for her remarkable achievements in the field of music. Despite fierce competition from talented young vocalists, Michelle has secured two public performance opportunities with professional orchestras in just six months!

Not only does Michelle serve as the Chairlady of our Student Union, but she is also a mesmerizing performer. Her unwavering passion for music and dance has earned her numerous accolades in singing competitions within our school, the Hong Kong Schools Music Festivals, and the Asia Pacific Talent Cup Dance Competition.  Her dancing talent contributed to the success of our school's Senior Chinese dance team, which earned the championship in the Chinese group dancing category at the 59th Schools Dance Festival.

Most recently, Michelle achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Gold Award in the foreign language vocal solo competition at the 74th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Undeterred by her success, she embraced a more significant challenge by competing in the 75th Festival in a higher age group, where she claimed the Silver Award. Michelle's passion for singing and dancing also extends to musicals through showcasing her talent as the "Diction Coach" in the Broadway musical "Singing in the Rain" during our Variety Show at the City Hall Concert Hall in May 2023.

On 30 June 2023, Michelle graced the same hall once again, captivating the audience as the solo vocalist with the In-heritage Philharmonic under the conducting by Maestro Mr. FAN Ding. Despite being the youngest soloist, her breathtaking rendition of 'Once Upon a December' garnered thunderous applause and resounding bravos.

Michelle's dedication and effort continue to be rewarded. On December 23, 2023, she will perform as the soloist with the City Chamber Orchestra in the renowned winter musical concert "The Snowman & The Bear" at the Shatin Town Hall.

Her awe-inspiring performance and her upcoming performance are at the following link:

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/seF4Y6a3MHI?feature=shared

Like our other students, effort always brings its rewards.

Michelle's talent and hard work have certainly paid off. We applaud her achievements and wish her continued success in her musical journey.