Celebrating the Remarkable Achievements of Our Students!

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Congratulations to our prize winners for their outstanding accomplishments! From academic excellence to physical prowess and creative brilliance, our students have truly shone bright. 3C KWOK Cheuk Yin Jareth won the Gold Award in both the heat round and semi-finals of the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad Competition. In the London Young Musician Competition, 5E KWOK Yee Hor obtained the Gold Award and the Versatile Musician Award in the Woodwind and Clarinet Performance respectively. 

In the French Youth Art Competition 2023, 1B CHENG Hoi Ching Avery, 1C WAN Yuet Ching, 2A HUNG Sum, 2B CHOI Yan Lam Hannah, 2D SHEUNG Hau Ching, 2E Chung Pak Kiu Javen, 2E SHEUNG Wing Ching, 3E HO Nga Man, 5A ZHANG Long Yui, 5C YIM Long Tin Marcus and 5D HUNG Choi were also awarded the Gold Award. In the 7th Hong Kong Community Rhythmic Gymnastics Open Championships, 5B CHAN Sum Lui, 5D AU Hiu Chin and 5D LAI Pui Sze also received Champion in multiple events. Although we can't mention every award individually, we want to emphasize that your hard work and dedication have been acknowledged, and we are incredibly proud of you!

We hold great anticipation for your future successes and achievements!