The 7th Aquatic Meet of Primary Division

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After a long hiatus of three years, the 7th Aquatic Meet of Primary Division was held at the Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool on 23 November 2022.  The highly anticipated event showed students and parents turning up at the venue well in advance of reporting time, their enthusiasm and excitement clearly visible on their happy faces. In the spectator stand, students cheered enthusiastically for the swimmers from their houses. The swimming pool was full of excitement and we were pleased to see our students exhibit good sportsmanship, tidiness, and manners. The student relay and the parent-child relay met with the loudest cheers with our Campus TV team capturing all the exciting moments live. House Wisdom continued its winning trend and was crowned the Overall Champion for all the grades. Much to the delight of the students, House KIndness won the Best Behavior award and House Justice walked away with the Best Cheering award.

With participation from more than 300 students and parents, the Aquatic Meet was a huge success, a step towards resuming normal school operations and events back to pre-pandemic times. Thanks to all teachers, parents, and student helpers for their dedicated effort and support.