2022-23 Reopening of Primary School

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A warm welcome to all new and returning students.  In the opening ceremony of the new academic year, our Chief Principal, Dr. Benjamin Chan, and our Head of Primary, Ms. Jackie Chong, inspired students to strive for excellence and introduced our school theme - Flourish with PERCCI.

With the aim of propagating a common understanding of expectations in terms of behavior, academics, and school ethos, activities were scheduled for the first five days of school.

Student development activities on the second day kicked off with House Meeting with students chanting for their House to show their vitality and unity. Students learned techniques to show their etiquette and self-discipline from grade sharing. G5 and G6 big brothers and sisters had a chance to meet with their little buddies during the mentorship program. The wonderful SD activities were rounded up by the New Leader in ME life education program. We all had a fruitful day.

Students learned about and practicing behavior essential for academic success. They learnt about the proper mannerisms while entering and exiting classrooms. Students also revisited digital citizenship concepts. Through reading activities, they learnt about entrepreneurs and philanthropy. Library visits were arranged for all classes which mirrored our beliefs about the importance of reading in students’ lives.

Our signature event, Music Marathon, started with a bang with the kick-off ceremony seeing the music team performing for the whole school. Students could not contain their excitement as they joined in the singing and music, later heading to their classes to discuss their own plans for this year’s Music Marathon.

In keeping with our yearly theme, Flourish with PERCCI, students and teachers together engaged in class culture building by collaboratively working on personalizing the class boards echoing their understanding of the yearly theme.