🎶Exciting K-pop Performance Alert!🎵

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We are thrilled to announce that our talented A-school students have been invited by the Hong Kong International Exchange of Artist and Culture (Charity) Association Limited to showcase their incredible K-pop dance skills on TVB Television Broadcasts Limited! 🌟✨

With their passion, dedication, and hard work, these nine amazing students (AU Hiu Chin, YUE Hei Shun, HO Joanne, CHAN Cheuk Ying Gloria, CHAN Tak Ka, CHOW Tsz Yui Thalassa, CHAN Jin, HO Tin Yeung Easton, LEE Tin Tin) , along with the support of their parents, have been preparing diligently for this special performance. 🕺💃

A big shoutout to our exceptional dance instructor, Ms. Jolin, who not only choreographed the dance routine but also discovered and highlighted each student's unique strengths. Under her guidance, our students have showcased their full potential! 🌟💪

We are eagerly looking forward to their upcoming performance on TVB in the “ Hands Up”  program. It will be a mesmerising display of talent, and we can't wait to see them rock the stage! 🌟✨