Watoto “Signs & Wonders” Asia Tour

18 Jan 2018

The Watoto Children’s Choir has returned to A-School to share its new production “Signs & Wonders”!

On December 13, 2017, three Watoto concerts were held in A-School. In the two afternoon concerts, primary and secondary school students enjoyed with great excitement respectively. While watching the Watoto adults and kids from Uganda singing and dancing on the stage, A-School students were also putting their hearts and souls into it. Some students were invited to get on the stage to perform dancing too. Besides, a group of exchange students from Russia also went up on stage to show their folk dance to our students. It was such a joy to see A-School students sing, dance and fully engage in the music.

In the evening, our school hall was remarkably packed with more than 1,000 audience including A-School families and the guests from Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers Limited (FIDA). The members of FIDA and their families joined the Watoto team joyfully to sing and dance. Throughout the concert, the audience could watch the amazing dances, listen to the lively music and the inspiring stories presenting Watoto’s vision and mission.

Volunteer team formed by A-School parents and students set up booths for introducing Watoto sponsorship plans and Watoto product sales. After all the efforts, we raised $32,623.9 and $26,519 as donation and from the product sales respectively. Moreover, 15 new sponsorship programmes were received.