Watoto “Oh, What Love” Asia Live Tour

26 January 2017

The Watoto Children’s Choir has returned to A-School to share its new production "Oh, What Love"!

On January 13, 2017, all primary school students first enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon with the Watoto Choir. It was such a joy to see A-School students sing and dance with Watoto kids and it filled the hall with laughter, applause and stamping feet. The amazing interaction spiced up the afternoon concert.

In the evening, our school hall was remarkably packed with more than 1000 audience including A-School families and the little guests from kindergartens. Throughout the 2-hour worship, this famous Choir from Uganda showed their amazing dance, lively music and​ ​inspiring sharing which had touched many hearts.

The testimony from the Watoto kids gave all the spectators a chance to see how God's love has transformed the lives of the marginalized and made them thrive. Everyone in the hall couldn't help leaving the seat to join the worship enthusiastically. People sang, danced and fully engaged in the joy delivered by the kids and it marked a great success of the Watoto concert!