Stay Healthy. Be Positive


No matter how far apart we are from the epidemic, our minds and hearts are always connected. So we are glad to see our beloved students and parents staying healthy and happy during the special vacation. After more than two months of online lessons and summer vacation, we finally had a chance to see each other on Vaccination Day.

Over 250 students and parents came back today for the 2nd phase of the Sinovac vaccination. They listened to the briefing attentively and waited for the injection patiently. Although a little nervous, they were still very brave in getting the vaccine. We could see the sweet smiles on their faces. The vaccination program was very smooth today. We hope the vaccines can better protect the health of our students.

Again, a big thanks to our administration team, janitors, IT officers, and all staff who work very hard in the pandemic time. Tremendous thanks to our unsung heroes for working tirelessly and unconditionally to protect our people and society.

A-School members, please stay healthy and keep up a positive mindset! We will see you around in school soon.