A-School Students Recognized for Academic Excellence by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth


We would like to announce with great pride that our grade-skipping student 4C LEI Yirui was awarded with High Honors as “Brightest Students in the World” by The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY). Yirui was one of nearly 19,000 students from 84 countries who joined CTY in the 2020-21 Talent Search. Less than 20% of CTY Talent Search participants qualified for CTY High Honors Awards. 

A-School always dedicates our effort towards nurturing our students to their fullest potential and provides our students with an array of opportunities, local and overseas, for high quality learning programmes. We are truly delighted that our school has recently established an agreement with CTY to support our advanced students.

Since the establishment of the Gifted Centre at A-School back in 2011, we have been providing in-school gifted programmes to develop students’ multiple-intelligence in different areas such as language, sports, arts, science, and mathematics. We are truly delighted that with complete devotion and support from teachers and parents, our students demonstrate exceptional talents. One of our alumni, Chung Ka Po, who was the awardee of CTY High Honors back in 2016, received an admission offer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and California Institute of Technology to study Computer Science. We are equally proud that Tang Mi, who attended our Math Acceleration Program when he was in G1, received the CTY Grand Honors in 2019.

Congratulations to these outstanding students, and we appreciate the effort to cultivate youth and talents as well as the passion for the growth of our students we share in A-School community!