Overseas Excursion - Osaka Tour


The overseas excursion tour to Osaka, Japan provided an enriching experience for our Grade 6 students, allowing them to explore the rich cultural heritage of Japan while learning about the country's technological advancements, environmental protection practices, and disaster prevention measures.

Our students were privileged to visit several iconic sites, including the Osaka Castle Park, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, the Osaka Science Museum, and more. They gained a deeper understanding of Japan's cutting-edge technology and infrastructure and had the opportunity to engage in cultural activities.

Additionally, our students visited the Osaka Municipal Isoji Elementary School where they had a firsthand look at Japanese school life and had a chance to interact with other Grade 6 students.

Overall, this excursion tour was a remarkable learning experience for our students, and they returned with a newfound appreciation for Japanese culture and technological innovation. We are grateful for the opportunity to have provided this experience for our students, and we hope that it will continue to inspire their curiosity and growth.