11 June 2018
Annual Results of Inter-School Sports Competitions 2017-18

2017-18 is a rewarding school year to the Boys’ and Girls’ sports teams of the Secondary Division. 
During the year, they joined 12 events and competed with other 50 schools in the Shatin and Sai Kung
Area.  With devotion and determination, they produced brilliant results, especially in fencing,
soccer, softball and tennis events.  After rounds of fierce competitions, our boys ranked the 4th and
girls ranked the 6th in the Overall Position in the Inter-school Competition of Shatin & Sai Kung
Area 2017-18.

The great success could not be achieved without the patience and passion contributed by the coaches,
teachers, students and parents. Their unfailing support is always a great force and motivation for our
students to perform better. We are sure that all teams will certainly work harder and modestly to
pursue excellence in next school year!