8 Feb 2018
Students’ Achievement – World Class Test (Mathematics and Problem Solving) Autumn 2017

Some Grade 5 to Grade 8 students attended the World Class Test (WCT) in Autumn 2017. It was an international benchmarking assessment that evaluates the higher order thinking, analytical thinking, critical thinking and creativity abilities of students. In this test, students were encouraged to think out of the box instead of memorizing formulas and procedures. Their results were very encouraging. Some of them even received Double Distinction!
A-School knows the importance of discovering and recognizing talents of students at a young age. Therefore, we have established the Center for Gifted Education, which is specially designed for intellectually gifted and talented students in A-School who have passion in learning, particularly in the areas of Mathematics, Science and Languages. It offers a broad range of accelerating and enrichment experiences for students, with comprehensive longitudinal provisions in accordance with their strengths and interests.
Once again congratulations to our students for their outstanding performances! We will continue to support our students in their strive for excellence!
Details of WCT: http://www.worldclassarena.hk/