19 Sep 2017
Students’ Interview by RTHK Programme “Teen Time”

Four A-School students, 8B Man Yat Lok, 8B Yeung Chin Yee, 8B Kwok Atrie and 8C Sher Yan Tai were invited to a recorded session of RTHK Teen Time programme to share their opinion on their recent encounter with Typhoon Hato!

When the recording session began, our students were nervous, but tried their very best to express their thoughts and shared what they had researched. They clearly discussed the pros and cons of having typhoon and how powerful the nature was. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for our students as they got the chance to meet a professional DJ, Ms. Alyson Hau, in a real broadcasting room.

The programme will be aired on October 24, 2017 at 9pm, RTHK Radio 3. Please enjoy it at the link below: