20 Jun 2017
High Table Dinner for 2016-2017 Graduates (Secondary School)

To celebrate G12 students entering a new milestone, we held the High Table Dinner for 2016-2017 Graduates on June 16, 2017.

High Table Dinner originated from the formal dinner of prestigious English colleges at Oxford and Cambridge universities with long years of history, and it was the first time for A-School to bring it in as part of the graduation proceeding with the purposes of bidding farewell to the graduation class and cultivating the sense of belonging and unity among the prospective graduates.   

In the dinner, Dr. Benjamin Chan, our School Principal, sent the best wishes to all G12 students on behalf of the school. After the delightful dinner, a casual yet decent prize presentation ceremony was held to recognise the students’ achievements in various aspects, while desserts and drinks were served to mark a perfect ending to the event.