7 Jun 2017
Students’ Achievements – Annual Results of Inter-School Sports Competitions in 2016-2017

All the inter-school sports competitions have been completed and this is a wonderful year for our school teams. With the efforts and great performance produced by each team and member, we achieved a great success and best ever ranking in both boys and girls categories in Shatin and Sai Kung district.

Our Girls team improved to 6th in overall from 9th comparing to last year because of the all-rounded performance in different teams. Thanks to the greatest progress, we are awarded the Most Improved School Award in the Girls Category. After the Final of Boys C Grade Basketball and Volleyball competitions, we are confirmed to take over the 3rd Runner-up in the Boys Category, while we were ranked 5th in overall last year. The outstanding performance in softball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, swimming, cross country and table tennis paced us forward and showed that our students were capable of excelling on different sports fields. What's more appealing is that we have been awarded the Most Improved School Award in the Boys Category for the 2nd year in a row! Furthermore, our School's Boys and Girls Volleyball Team, and Boys Basketball Team will be promoted to Division I next year, where the top 8 schools in the district will compete against each other for the overall championships.

All these could not be achieved with the patience and passion contributed by the coaches, teachers, students and parents. The support received is always a great force and motivation for our students to perform better. We are sure that all teams will certainly work harder with humble hearts!