22 May 2017
Arts Festival 2017 (Secondary School)

It has always been a tradition for us to hold arts festival. The theme this year is “A11”, representing the 11th year of A-School. We were honoured to have Ms. Lin Mei Kiu, Ivy, Curator (Community Art), Arts Promotion Office, LCSD, to officiate at the Closing Ceremony on May 5, 2017.

Different artworks were shown in the festival, including the Artist-in-Residence Projects of G10 and G11 students. G10 students worked with artist Mr. Tang Kwok Hin to complete “Belongings of Time”, while G11 students collaborated with artist Mr. Lam Tung Pang to create “Landscape Time Machine”. Also, M+ Rover workshops featuring artist Rainbow Leung were organised and works from G10 students’ aesthetic development courses were exhibited in the event. Everyone was eager to participate in the activities and found them enjoyable.

At the same time, HK Paideia of hk01 visited our Arts Festival and spoke highly of the students’ achievement. A feature of our Artist-in-Residence Programme has been published online, and please click the following link for details: https://goo.gl/Nyt0Fl