13 April 2017
Science Week

The Science Week aims at encouraging students, especially those who are not taking any science subjects in their senior grades, to explore the beautiful nature of science through different activities.

The atrium was decorated by the animal stickers by the Biology team, the actualized pediodic table by the Chemistry team across 5 floors and the resonance demonstrations by the Physics team.

On the Physics Day, students were provided the chance of knowing more about daily-life principals which are not included in the NSS curriculum. On the Chemistry Day, students made their own slime, a bottle of colorful superabsorbant and a key-ring made of heat shrink film as their souvenir and investigated the principle of Gavsicon and common stomach-relieving drugs. Also, they participated in part of the process of DNA extraction where they could keep their extracted strawberry DNA strands in a vial as well as a surgical game that provided a better understanding on the internal organs of the human body on Biological Day. An animal show introducing different species of animals like crocodile turtle and hedgehog was held, which provided a rare but extraordinary chance for students to engage some of the creatures that are normally hard to reach. The science quiz on the last day marked a prefect end for the week.

All in all, the science week is a wonderful week that reminds all, both students and teachers, that science is so important in our lives and understanding science is crucial to the world.