29 Mar 2017
Elite Leadership Training Camp 2017

Every year, Elite Leadership Training Camp is held to provide training for a batch of student leaders from Student Union, Chambers and other Leadership and Services Programmes. This year, 30 student leaders joined the four-day camp.

Different adventurous activities including team building games, high events, camp set-up/break down and reflection time were arranged to sharpen their leadership and communication skills, while challenges and obstacles were prepared for them to achieve personal breakthrough. Opportunities were also provided to build capacities and cooperation among their teammates.

Students leaders enjoyed and learnt a lot from the camp. Here are some of their sharing:

G9B Chan Yi Dik
Christian Disciples (Praise Team Head)


G10E So Chung Yin
Prefect - Team Head


G10B Chung Chun Yu
Vice Chairperson of Chamber Beethoven & Vice Chairperson of MCD leaders