14 Feb 2017
Workshop for Liberal Studies Teachers

Our Liberal Studies Department and Education Bureau co-organised a workshop for teachers in December 2016 so as to adopt textual analysis to support independent project learning among students.

In the workshop, we used the advertisement of beer and slimming as the context to analyse the language, characteristics and strategies to conduct a study.  Moreover, we shared how we did statistical analysis with the information we found, while at the same time, staff from the Education Bureau explained how teachers could make use of those materials to prepare for Parts C & D with current affairs in independent project learning. All these will be published later to share with more teachers.

Funded by Knowledge Transfer Office of Hong Kong Baptist University, we have co-operated with Department of Communication Studies in this teaching project for 3 consecutive years with the guidance of Prof. Kara Chan. The results of the research will be developed into teaching resources and allowed teachers of liberal studies to obtain the materials from the relevant website.