14 Feb 2017
Students’ Achievements - 53rd School Dance Festival (Secondary Division)

Jazz Dance team and Chinese Dance team performed excellently in the 53rd School Dance Festival and both finally won the Higher Commended Award in the respective sections.

This year, Jazz Dance team wants to help bring audience awareness to the children in war zone, so the dance is called "People help the people". The competition is not easy for the team as the previous batch of experienced dancers has left for DSE or graduated. However, a group of young and fresh members gave the best efforts and offered us a stunning performance and rewarded with satisfactory result.

The theme of Chinese Dance team is “Xuezhongmei (雪中梅)”. The dance shows the characteristics of plum flowers in snow and how the youth appreciates the scenery. As the team of smallest size, this prize is hard-earned and we are glad that the efforts have been acknowledged.

Thanks for the guidance of our leading teachers and the efforts of all dancers. Congratulations to both teams, and we believe they will strive for the best in future.