25 January 2017
Inter-school Athletics Competition 2016-2017 (Shatin & Sai Kung District)

A total of 104 students joined the Inter-school Athletics Competition 2016-17 (Shatin & Sai Kung District).  All the participants gave their best efforts to fight for the glory of A-School, showing never-give up attitude especially in the relay competitions. 

We were glad that we achieved excellent results in both Boys & Girls A, B & C Grade. Details are as follows:

Individual events:
Boys B Grade Shot Put, 2nd Runner up: 10A Hung Yu Hin
Boys B Grade 400m Run, 1st Runner up: 9B Wong Chun
Boys C Grade 200m Run, 1st Runner up: 8C Wong Hou Yin Kyan
Girls C Grade 100m Run, Champion: 8A Leung Ching Yin
Girls C Grade 200m Run, Champion: 8A Leung Ching Yin

Relay events:
Boys B Grade 4x400m Run: Champion
Girls C Grade 4x100m Run: 1st Runner up

Overall Results:
Boys B Grade: 4th
Boys C Grade: 5th
Girls A Grade: 9th
Girsl C Grade: 4th
Boys Overall Rank: 5th
Girls Overall Rank: 8th

Thanks for the guidance of our leading teachers and the efforts of all athletes. Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to hearing more good news in the future.