23 Nov 2016
Student Achievements – The Outstanding Student Election of New Territories 2016

Being awarded as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Students in the 12th Shatin District Outstanding Student Award, 11D Lo Chun Hei was again selected as Top 10 Outstanding Student of New Territories from 30 schools in the area after careful and serious assessment of the judging panel.

Congratulations to Chun Hei! We wish he could keep on striving for excellence in different aspects and become a role model among peers!

Sharing from Lo Chun Hei

I was surprised that I got the award.

During the written test, the interview and the exchange activity, I just wanted to widen my horizons, explore new knowledge, and present the best of me. In the election, I learnt that we are all unique individuals. We must trust ourselves, accept ourselves while doing the best. If we always care about what the others think of us, we will lose our true self and end up with unsatisfactory outcome.