13 Oct 2016
"Abstracts of the SpaceX" Talk by Dr. Wing Lau

Have you ever thought of travelling to the Mars? We are so honoured that Dr. Wing Lau, Chief Engineer of Department of Physics and College Fellow of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, conduct a mini lecture about space travelling for science students on the school campus last week.

Devoting himself to the research of various science topics including nuclear physics and maths, he was awarded for numerous academic and professional qualifications such as the PhD in Aeronautics and always works closely with physicists and engineers to investigate relevant science issues. This time, he introduced SpaceX to us, and his lively lecture inspired teachers and students more about space travelling as well as providing more sophisticated applications of basic concepts of Physics such as F=ma and the center of gravity. While blowing students away through multiple video clips of rocket failures, he delivered the important message that being innovative was one of the major factors of success.

It was really an eye-opening sharing. We all look forward to seeing the day when inter-planet travelling comes true.